A modern take on antique fireplaces

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A modern take on antique fireplaces

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Though in the ancient, medieval and the 18th and 19th centuries fireplaces had been used for both warming and cooking, in our days a fireplace is seen as a more practical solution that answers the modern time needs.

This short article will present you a few reasons why fireplaces that use wood logs are a pragmatic answer to the contemporary matters that present a worrying factor.

One reason of having a fireplace that runs on wood is that the impact it has upon the environment is much reduced, thus not harming the atmosphere. You can find graphics online, showing how much the carbon emission is reduced in comparison with electric fire or open gas fire. The differences are astonishing.

Log Burning Fireplace

Log Burning Fireplace

Another reason for which wood log fireplaces are an answer to the modern needs is that they provide you with independent energy. As log burning does not need other sources to function such as gas or electricity this is a practical solution as you can rely one hundred percent on your own resources.  In addition, a log burning fireplace provides warmth long after the flames have died out.

Fireplace with Wood Logs

Fireplace with Wood Logs

Last but not least, you can have an elegant antique fireplace with a French or Victorian design, for great pieces you can visit London’s Thornhill Galleries, which will provide a cozy feeling to your home. As a fireplace boosts the aesthetics of your living area while providing you with warmth, it is both a stylish and a modern choice for every contemporary home.

Victorian Marble Fireplace - Thornhill Galleries

Victorian Marble Fireplace – Thornhill Galleries

Whether you choose to buy a marble fireplace or a stone fireplace and even a wood or metal fireplace, that runs on wood logs, you can rest assure that you are making a long term and environmental friendly investment.

French Marble Fireplace - Thornhill Galleries

French Marble Fireplace – Thornhill Galleries

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